Our Team

Anna Alfonso Escobar stylist for 19 yrs
Anthony Voltsis stylist/technician for 29 yrs
Carole Barr stylist for 45 yrs
Carol Mariani technician  for 19 yrs
Christina Pare stylist/technician for 21 yrs
Darrell Walsh stylist/technician  for 20 yrs
Douglas Hum stylist for 28 yrs
Edward stylist for 27 yrs
Francesca Barca technician  for 20 yrs
Garo Terzian stylist/technician for 14 yrs
Gordon Price stylist for 36 yrs
Greg Kreutzer stylist/technician for 25 yrs
Jeff Craig technician for 35 yrs
Paul Pereira stylist/technician for 25 yrs
Robert Barbosa stylist for 30 yrs
Rob Pupo stylist for 30 yrs
Rosa Flores stylist for 26 yrs
Sevda Smith stylist for  45 yrs
Steve Roy makeup artist and stylist for 32 yrs
Tanya Stojceski makeup artist and stylist for 18 yrs